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Looking for the perfect lodging for your guests then our guest rooms offer the best possible experience.Be assured that your guest are offered our best care and hospitality to make their stay very memorable.




Deluxe Room : Rs. 1400 + Tax
Suite Room : 1750/- + Tax

Check in and out time 11.00 am.

Cancellation 2 days or before 25% of Charges
Cancellation 1 day before 50% of Charges
Cancellation on same day 100% of Charges

  • Check in and out time 11.00 am.
  • Guests can utilize other facilities available at Club on payment basis
  • Advance booking has to be done by the member of the Club after ascertaining the availability of rooms.Reservation will be made against the advance payment as per tariff and other charges..
  • Room reservations shall be only for the members’ guests and affiliated club members.Pets are not allowed.Members can book only four rooms on a day for their guests, subject to availability, a maximum stay up to seven days in a month are permitted.
  • Members are not allowed to stay in the guest rooms for any reason whatsoever. However in case of emergency with genuine reasons which the President/Secretary of the Club may decide at the time of booking and the reservation can be made for a maximum of seven days in a month.
  • Full settlement of bills at the time of check out is compulsory. Payment is by cash or credit card. Under no circumstances, cheque will be accepted.
  • Room occupants are solely responsible for their belongings and that the club will in no way responsible for any loss or theft that may occur.
  • Right of admission rests with the Managing Committee.Members and their guests are prohibited from bringing weapons of any sort. If they are found carrying any weapons, they will be forcibly vacated without giving any reasons
  • The members of affiliated clubs shall have the privilege of using the guest rooms for a period of stay not exceeding five days at a time, on payment of room rent and other applicable taxes in advance and extension of stay may be granted by the secretary if the rooms are not required/ booked by the other members.

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