• A. Resident Member:Those permanent members who are permanent residents of the H.S.R Layout by virtue of their owning a house, apartment or a site shall be called “Resident Member”. H.S.R Layout area means the area comprising H.S.R Sector numbers one to Seven, Agara, Haralur, Venkatapura, Bommanahalli, Mangammana Palya and Somasundarapalya.Fees: Rs. 10,00,000/- + Tax
  • B. Non-Resident Member:Those permanent members who are not having property in H.S.R Layoutas defined above shall be called “Non-Resident Member”. Fess: Rs. 15,00,000/- + Tax.
  • Corporate Associates:Companies registered with the Registrar of ompanies and foreign companies, foreign banks, public and private sector undertakings, business establishments, IT & BT industries and any other associations, which have not been specifically mentioned, may become associates of this Club as corporate entity. Fees : Rs. 30,00,000 + Tax Term: 25 years Nomination: 3 Executives.
  • Temporary Associates:Any person residing in the metropolitan city of Bangalore who is on transferable job such as Government Services, Public and Private Sector undertakings shall be eligible for admission for a period of one year from the date of admission on payment of non-refundable admission fee and interest free refundable deposit prescribed by the Managing Committee. The period of temporary association of a member shall be extended by the Managing Committee at its discretion only for one more term of one year on payment of non-refundable admission fee prescribed by the Committee. Fees: Rs. 50,000/- Refundable Deposit: Rs. 1,00,000/- Term: 1 year
  • Long Term Temporary Associates:The persons who are residing in HSR Layout (as defined in 3.2.1) and who are: (a) Class 1 officer of central and state governments. (b) All officers of central or state government undertakings equivalent to class 1 officers of central or state Govt. (c) The term of Membership shall be for a period of three years or upto the date of retirement / resignation/termination or on shifting the residence from HSR layout whichever is earlier. The Membership is renewed once in three years by the Managing Committee if the member is in service at the time of renewal and subject to clause 3.5.3.

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