6.00 A.M. - 9.00 A.M.

3.00 P.M. - 8.00 P.M.

Daily Rs. 50/- Plus Tax Monthly Rs. 300/- Plus Tax

  • Before using the Swimming Pool each individual member must deposit his / her Identity Card with the Pool Attendant.
  • Everyone must have a shower before entering the pool.
  • Swimming is allowed only in proper Swimming costume.
  • Every Swimmer must carry his / her towel, comb etc.
  • Do not swim after consuming alcohol.
  • No beginner should swim beyond 3’.9” depth.
  • No Games are permitted in the Pool.
  • Finger / Toe Nails should be properly cut and cleaned
  • Pets are not allowed near the Pool
  • Timings to be strictly adhered to and no exceptions will be allowed
  • The Club will take care of all safety aspects but still Swimming is one’s personal risk. Club is not responsible for any injury (external / internal).
  • Swimming Caps can be obtained from the Life Guards if required. Smoking / Drinking / eating in and around the Pool and in the Dressing Room are strictly prohibited.
  • Use of Oil / Greasy lubricants on the body before entering the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not swim if you are not well. Persons having wounds, epilepsy, heart diseases etc.
  • First Time” Swimmers are requested to inform the Coach / Life Guards before entering the shallow portion of the Pool. Such Swimmers will certainly not be allowed to go in the “Deep” portion unless certified by the Coach. Even those who know Swimming, but have discontinued for long, must be certified ‘SAFE” by the Coach before going in the ‘DEEP”.
  • Parents are not allowed to Coach their Children. Coaching Rules and timings are notified separately on the Notice Board.
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  • Every Swimmer should know his / her limitations. Exceeding this will result in unforeseen problems.
  • No Swimmer will be permitted to swim Breadth wise (across the pool) during peak hours from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. Only straight line “Lengths” along the pool will be permitted during this time.
  • None, including those knowing swimming, should enter the pool without the presence of the Life Guard. This is a statutory requirement.
  • Pool area is not a place to throw loose objects. Neither should it be used to wash hands and legs etc. Litter around the Pool is strictly forbidden.
  • Any one causing any damages to the Pool or any other club property will have to reimburse the cost for rectification.
  • Please do not bring valuables with you. The Club is not responsible for loss / damage to your personal properties..
  • Suggestions or complaints should be in writing in the Register kept with Reception with member’s name and membership number. No verbal complaints will be entertained.

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